Dear Alcohol, This is Why I Said Goodbye To You A Goodbye Letter To Alcohol

Sobriety is challenging, and relapse is real. You’ll find that journaling during this period of time is a stress-relieving process that you’ll likely look forward to as your recovery progresses. For many, cutting ties with an addiction is similar to breaking up a long-term relationship.

  • But every time I tried to tell you, there you were, standing there waiting with open arms.
  • “I used to inhale this gas by the cartridge … by the case.” Then there was ketamine, “a drug that I had not-at-all-subtle experiences on,” he wrote.
  • Whether you’re a rising alcoholic or a heroin addict, it is difficult to get through the day.
  • I guess back then, when I first got sober, I wasn’t confident that I would stay that way.
  • At a medical detox center, I missed you every second of the day.
  • You were always too jealous and hateful to let anyone else be most important in my life.

Then it started affecting other people but I still stood by your side. You were my ride or die for a long time. You always came through and I could count on you goodbye letter to alcohol to make me forget. But, then instead of giving, you started taking and taking. ” it was my prerogative to try just about any drug I could get my hands on.”

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It’s exciting to envision what the future holds and what dreams you want to achieve. We strive to have all content on our site clinically reviewed to provide numerous objective opinions on tough family subjects.

When he was 8, his parents allowed him to start drinking on New Year’s Eve. And by the time he was 12, he was vomiting from drinking too much. This is often suggested by therapists at drug and alcohol rehab. Some of us have been using drugs and alcohol for five, ten, even twenty years, going in and out of drug and alcohol rehab. They played such a large role in our lives, drugs leave a void behind when we stop using.

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Instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed, take a look at these tips to help you get started. Sometimes, just like after a breakup, you need closure with the things you were once attached to. A goodbye letter to addiction is like putting an end to your relationship with drugs. You can let go of the past and start thinking about your bright future. People find it challenging to open up, especially in the early stages of addiction treatment. So, a goodbye letter to addiction lets you communicate better.

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But I’ve come to realize that I can’t have you in my life any more. I seriously don’t know if it is you or me.

A Goodbye Letter To My Addiction

The letter above is just an example, and yours should be focused on your own experience and feelings. It’s okay to feel sad while writing your letter, but it’s also important to focus on the good things that are about to come. Writing your letter is already a major sign of progress.

Write a goodbye letter to something in your life you want to eliminate during your recovery process. Attempts to quit had varying degrees of success. By 20, his mother forced him into rehab, and sobriety lasted two and a half months . He tried to kick cocaine, but the longest he managed was just over one year. “The second longest was roughly six months,” he wrote. “You get the idea.” Nitrous, however, he managed to kick six months ago. We have been together for more than 20 years and parents for nearly nine, and you have always been a problem drinker.

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Once we were forced to spend time apart, I realized that I was spellbound by you. You, heroin, were a magic ingredient, and you kept me doing your evil bidding.

‘You left me a shell of a woman.’ A letter to alcohol. – Mamamia

‘You left me a shell of a woman.’ A letter to alcohol..

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Abandoning my career goals, I turned to petty crimes. Abandoning friendship, I turned to exploiting others. No longer brainwashed by society, I hardly realized how I was being brainwashed by you.

Going through detox and addiction treatment is effective, but it’s common to enter sobriety feeling like there are unresolved issues. I was looking through recent posts on my Reader and came across the post on The Daily Postby Cheri Lucas Rowlands, titled “The Art of the Open Letter”. It reminded me of the goodbye letter I wrote to alcohol during one of my outpatient treatment programs.

  • She has lots of friends that she’s helped before and they’ve turned their lives around.
  • You physically and mentally made me sick, and yet I still kept you around.
  • The letter may relay humor and the lighter side of drinking before alcoholism took ahold.
  • I mean, damn, I can barely remember all those late night documentaries we watched on Netflix.
  • You were a comfort when I had a bad day.

And your connection with your drug of choice is similar to a terrible love relationship. You may be aware that it is poisonous and harmful, but you still find it difficult to quit.

I know that saying “goodbye” to you for good will take hard work, but I am doing exactly that. I now know that none of these feelings were genuine and that I was being manipulated throughout our time together. Whenever I felt like you were the key to getting through life, it was nothing more than a lie. For this and many more reasons, it is now time to bid you “goodbye” forever. Leaving our addiction behind to live a life in recovery is a huge step any individual must make in order to find true happiness and success in life.

how to write a goodbye letter to alcohol