Minimum Viable Product What is a MVP and why is it important?

However, over time, it came out clearly that travelers had no problem staying in someone else’s home as they could save money on accommodation. To identify your final MVP, think of the basic features of the product you need to provide to each stakeholder in order to achieve the value you proposed in the previous step. The primary goal of the MVP is to always minimize time and effort wasted by testing how the market reacts to your idea before building the complete product. From there on, collected feedback will show at a very early stage what the chances of success are for this product. In any case, this approach corresponds to the entrepreneurial spirit of quickly entering the market. Concepts from minimum viable products are applied in other aspects of startups and organizations.

Teams may pivot away from their initial idea to focus on new products based on the user feedback or see the true potential of further developing their current product. Buffer MVP landing page initial and second versionsBuffer is a successful and, at the same time, very vivid practical example of an MVP. It shows step by step how customer feedback can be efficiently integrated into planned learning processes.

minimum viable product meaning

The concept proved to be very successful, and in 2008 four giant labels provided the startup with the rental rights to their music for $5 million. The last MVP strategy we are going to discuss is that of building an internal-first MVP. The idea here is to build an MVP product that can be used internally – either within your startup itself or within a larger organization that you are a part of. Aardvark was developed to connect users to their friends or friends-of-friends who could answer a question they had. The idea was to have Aardvark start up a conversation automatically with the most relevant person in your network when a user asked the app a question.

To Create a Balance Between Company Offerings and Customer Needs

But what is an MVP, why are they useful and how should you approach creating one? We take a look at all of this and show you some great examples along the way. It requires a lot of upfront work to get reliable feedback from the customers. Various product releases require development efforts, which could be tedious.

By building an MVP first, you can make sure that you’re investing in a project which is likely to be successful. The idea here is that a team develops an actual product that can be released to customers. For example, it can be a simplified version of a mobile or web app.


The key is to build the basic foundation of the product to understand the customers and analyze if they are willing to pay for what you have to offer. It helps you save time and money that you spent on a product that did not deserve it in the first place. While you are planning to launch a new product or service, all you are trying to do is validate your hypothesis on the world and the world’s people. To learn more about choosing a partner for mobile or web app development.

The result of MVP is feedback with impact on further development, product direction. Each basket in this situation represents one minimum viable product. By doing this, the farmer will find out which product is the most purchased and can decide what type of basket to sell as his official product. Build the MVP, learn, and improve for everyone in the user base. Now it is among the largest e-commerce marketplace.5.DropboxThey used No product M.V.P meaning they created a video to explain how it functions. Nonetheless, in order to describe the user flow, the sign up process and method stages need to be defined; and for this, the complete attention should be on the basic tasks.

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Why minimum viable product isn’t just for startups.

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The minimum product can be compared to a prototype, as both are in the development cycle. But in addition, the definition of MVP is reduced to a few core functions, while a prototype is still mvp meaning in relationship an unreleased product. This means that customers should get a functional, reliable, usable, and attractive solution. That said, every advanced function should be excluded from an MVP.

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One of the primary goals of creating an MVP is to get direct feedback that can be applied to further versions of a product. With a minimum viable product and features that are released gradually, businesses have a lot more flexibility in terms of what functionalities to introduce and when. By creating a product with only the basic features they leave plenty of opportunity for the development of new features based on how customers engage with the MVP. By slowly releasing new functionalities, businesses can fully test each feature on its own without having to look at the product as a whole. One of the main benefits of creating an MVP is that it’s a lot more budget-friendly to launch.

It is a core artifact in an iterative process of idea generation, prototyping, presentation, data collection, analysis and learning. The process is iterated until a desirable product/market fit is obtained, or until the product is deemed non-viable. The location-based social network Foursquare started as just a one-feature MVP, offering only check-ins and gamification rewards. The Foursquare development team began adding recommendations, city guides, and other features until they had validated the idea with an eager and growing user base.

minimum viable product meaning

The minimum set of features solves a seriously nagging customer problem. According to Vlaskovits, final MVPs test hypotheses for the business model while intermediate MVPs test high-risk components of the business model. Next, define the value — what your users receive from using your product.

Are MVPs only for startups?

Before we go on to explore the benefits of an MVP, let’s stop for a moment and take a closer look at the elements that are part of MVP concept. Join thousands of product managers and makers who already enjoy our newsletter. These work together to define what will be a successful implementation, and each one can be iteratively built, tested, and accepted.

  • SpaceX approaches its missile development equally, using agile.
  • We’ve already described how the development is organized, but we haven’t mentioned the market and customer study though it’s essential for product creation.
  • On the other hand, if the cost to build the MVP is somewhat low, maybe it is still worth it.
  • The idea is to build a version of the product with all of the basic functionality, release it into the market and use real customer feedback to inform later versions of the product.
  • Enterprise and the company test its theories and refine its ideas through the user base.
  • Instead, they iterate on working versions and respond to feedback, challenging and validating assumptions about a product’s requirements.

At the time, Dropbox could likely support only a few users and lacked the functionality of a fully finished application. For example, if you hire a software engineer to code an app, and it fails to attract an audience, you’re down potentially thousands of dollars. Instead, you could create a video MVP showing what the app would look like, allowing you to gauge interest from potential customers before you dole out the bucks.

How long should it take to build an MVP?

A proof of concept is created in no time, so the project’s usability is largely ignored. Before weighing which features to build, the first step in developing your MVP is to make sure the product will align with your team’s or your company’s strategic goals. For these reasons, embracing the MVP development process is a no-brainer for most startups. The term “minimum viable product” refers to the early launch version of a product that has been created with the least effort and has the basic features required to gain customers. In addition, these early adopters or customers provide feedback for fine-tuning the initial idea into a full-fledged product through a series of iterations. The term “minimum viable product” was coined by Frank Robinson in 2001 and later popularized by Eric Ries and Steve Blank.

minimum viable product meaning

The Lean Startup methodology aims to minimize or eliminate wasted effort, promoting value-producing practices. In other words, the goal is to eradicate the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end-customer. It’s based on three pillars; a three-aspect model named Build-Measure-Learn. The process repeats with iterations of improvement, building a robust business model.

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If you’re early enough in the development journey, you can make the quick pivot to better answer your users’ needs. It has enough value that customers are willing to pay for and, at the same time, demonstrates enough future benefits. Early testing helps determine the assumptions from the start without spending the entire budget. Launching a minimum viable product is done with a limited budget for a restricted audience. If that goes well, one can start building the full-blown product and think about things like the jar and the brand label.

The project is presented on a website or a landing page and, in the form of crowdfunding, customers have the opportunity to signal interest or contribute financially. The product is continuously developed through feedback and development cycles. Developers evaluate this feedback and further improve the product. Customers provide feedback again, and the cycle repeats itself.

Droids On Roids is a mobile & web app development company established in 2011, offering full-stack mobile, web and backend services. The app allowed users to take pictures, apply one of the filters, and save photos on their device. But what made Instagram an instant success was the option to share the photos with other app users easily. This turned out to be the feature that gave Instagram its competitive advantage.


Founders with an early-stage company are faced with the challenge of building a team with minimal people and cost. There are many stages between having an idea for a new product and launching it fully, and an MVP can significantly reduce that timeline. An MVP allows businesses to release a product while it’s still in earlier stages of development. There is no need to design complex machine learning models to construct viable minimum products.

Of how the idea can be changed on the go to meet the market’s needs. Before ordering it for an event, you get a couple of pieces to choose biscuits and frosting, provide your feedback and let the baker make corrections. A logophile, traveler and inbound marketing enthusiast, she loves questioning the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of almost everything. Today whom we call the founders of Airbnb once faced a hard time when they had to accommodate guests coming over for a conference. All the hotels in the city were full and there they discovered Airbnb! The idea was to host the guests in their own apartments on ‘air’ beds.

Within this type, most solution functions are replaced with people, or ‘concierges,’ that serve customers and collect their feedback on the idea. You will need to include must-haves only — those features that make the idea alive. Usually, this set contains onboarding, a search bar, a chat with customer support, push notifications, + specific features. For example, if it is an MVP of a food delivery app, you will need a sign-up/log-in page, eateries catalog, delivery settings, and payment so that users can place an order. When he started, Kevin Systrom developed and raised funding for a mobile application which he named Burbn.